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Black Water Excavating & Septic Service offers extensive septic system services in Niagara. Our professionals have the expertise and skill to ensure your system is in operational order for many years to come. 

Septic System Design

Black Water is able to design septic systems for new homes being built and also for existing properties that require a replacement system. All of the systems designed by Black Water are in accordance with the Ontario Building Code. We will also complete all permit applications and obtain permits if needed.

The Septic Tank

Black Water Excavating and Septic Service, Niagara, Ontario

Septic System Installation

We provide timely and efficient service
From the initial design to the installation, all installs are performed in accordance to the Ontario Building Code. Black Water will complete all installations in a timely, efficient manner with our customer’s satisfaction as a top priority.
 Our team of professionals has the knowledge and skill to install all types of systems, including advanced treatment systems for smaller properties. When a septic system cannot be installed, holding tank installation will be required and offered by Black Water.
Black Water provides inspection services to diagnose and document the function of your septic system. We provide inspections for real estate transactions when requested. An inspection may be necessary when the system is not functioning properly, or if there is a problem that requires a solution found via inspection. All inspections include a detailed report that offers any recommendations. We provide solutions to your septic problems.

System Repair
Septic system repair services include:
• Pumps
• Alarms
• Floats
• Clogged Pipes
• Broken Pipes
• Tanks
• Filers, etc.

System Upgrades
Improving the functionality of your septic system is integral to its overall functionality and longevity.

Tank risers are a component that should be installed to make the tank easily accessible for buried tanks. This ensures easy access for maintenance and repairs; avoiding unwanted property damage from digging up the tank every time maintenance is required.

Filers keep solids in the septic tank so that they do not damage your treatment or disposal system. A filer is relatively inexpensive compared to replacing a plugged-up drain field. It is because of this that every system should have an effluent filter to preserve the system. Black Water would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your septic system requirements. With complete service that includes designing, installing, maintaining, repairing and upgrading; your septic system is in good hands with Black Water.
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