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Tank Pumping & Cleaning Services

Septic Tank Pumping (Call About Our Spring Special!)

Technicians you can count on...
As a septic system owner this the most important service to have done. A septic tank needs to be pumped out every 3 to 5 years so you do not cause unwanted clogging of your baffles, filters or drainage field. Not having your septic tank maintained could cause messy backups or costly repairs. At Black Water we are not a quick, "get in and get out" pumping service provider. Our service technician will assure all components of the tank are clean, in place, and functioning properly. They also provide a detailed report, including the condition of the tank, baffles, filters, levels of scum and sludge and any recommendations.

Septic Tank Risers & Effluent Filters

Protect your investment!
Septic tanks are usually buried and need to be dug up, which usually causes minor property damage. A buried tank may also be hard to find if the location is unknown. Tank risers can be added to almost any septic tank and eliminate any property damage or digging and make it easily accessible to pump out and maintain.

Effluent filters are attached to the outlet of a septic tank to stop any unwanted particles from entering the drain field and clogging the pipes, adding years to a septic system by keeping sludge and scum in the septic tank. Although older septic tanks do not have an effluent filter, we can install one specifically designed to protect your investment!

Holding Tank Pumping

A holding tank holds all waste and does not have a drainage field attached to it like a septic tank. They must be pumped and the sewage disposed of. Black Water offers holding tank pumping at a competitive rate. We also install and repair holding tanks alarms. This is a great addition to any holding tank to let you know when the tank needs to be pumped.

Septic System Inspection Services

Let us inspect your home
If you are thinking of purchasing a home with a septic system it should be inspected.  Banks or mortgage providers will request an inspection before any real estate transaction can take place. Black Water offers inspection services that are very thorough and have performed many for real estate transactions. For existing home owners thinking of selling, be prepared by having an inspection done prior to putting it on the market so you can determine if a problem will be present when inspected by the potential buyer. If you are purchasing a home always have it inspected to determine the function of the system. When a septic system has been inspected by a principal authority (health department or inspector hired by the city or town) and the systems function is in question they may request a third party inspection to determine if the system is functioning properly. We perform third party inspections to determine the condition of the septic system and will work with the home owner for the most cost effective answers. All inspections will include a detailed report with any recommendation.

Water Cisterns

We supply and install cisterns and when possible we repair cisterns or the water pipes from the cistern to the home. A cistern is constructed from concrete and come in various sizes ranging from 5300 liters (1200 gallons) up to 27000 liters (6000 gallons) The cistern size that is most commonly used for homes is 9000 liter (2000 gallon) or a 13500 liter (3000 gallon).

Basement Waterproofing

If your basement is leaking we can help. Black Water offers exterior waterproofing at a competitive rate to address your needs.

Property Grading/Ditching & Swaling

These services are offered to new home builders or existing property owners to finish grade a property, to meet the requirements of the city or town, address wet or low areas on properties etc.

Armour Stone Retaining Walls

We offer a wide selection of wall material for your needs. Armour Stone can be a great addition to your property. They give your property a natural look and can be used in many situations such as: shore line protection, retaining steep slopes or for landscaping purposes.


Black Water offers driveway installation that meets all town or city requirements when installing a new driveway including culvert installation if needed. Resurfacing for your stone driveway that is full of potholes and puddles is also available. We provide these services for private roadways also.

Package Pricing For New Homes

We offer package pricing for new home builders that include: Basement Excavation, Septic System, Cistern, Driveway, Property Grading etc.

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